Forgotten Gems

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This reputation was based on The Case of Sergeant Grischa (1927), in which the story of an escaped Russian prisoner of war, unjustly condemned to death on suspicion of spying, had provided Zweig with the basis for an expansive inquiry into what the war had meant – morally, socially, and politically – for the German nation. In a series of further novels Zweig went on pursuing that inquiry for the rest of his life.

More Fiscal Powers to Brussels?

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The bitter reality won't bring us "more Europe" signed off by the 17 members of the Euro zone other than by marching them to Brussels, guns aimed at their temples.

At bottom and in absolute crisis situation (I feel) everyone here would revert and blindly follow the simple nationalistic mantra of "what is best for me (not Europe), and how can I survive the next months (rather than how can 'Europe' survive?")

Gertrude Stein’s Complex Worldview

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This was disclosed by Gustav Hendrikksen, a former member of the Nobel committee and now professor emeritus of Bible studies at Sweden's Uppsala University, in Nativ, a political magazine published in Israel.

Hendrikksen, an avowed friend of Israel who is now in his late 80s, recalled that the Nobel committee rejected Stein's proposal "politely but firmly, citing among their reasons the attitude of the Nazi regime toward the Jews."

“Merkollande” for Europe?

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France has reached a decision, but few things will change immediately at the European level.

The Socialist Francois Hollande has announced he wants to renegotiate terms of the European fiscal pact to move away from the strict savings course set by the "Merkozy" duo of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and now former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

But so far there are no realistic alternatives on the table to consolidating national budgets by making spending cuts. Hollande will have to recognize this fact within a few short weeks.

Struugle for Publishing Rights

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After winning a court battle last month against a British publisher who planned to release parts of the tract alongside commentary from historians, Bavaria said it would put out its own version by 2015.

State Finance Minister Markus Söder told German news agency DPA the decision was taken after talks with advocates and opponents of the move, and said it was aimed at "demystifying" the pages drenched in hatred and paranoid fantasy.

Unspoken Issus in French Elections

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The eurozone's problems will be top priority.
The center of power in the eurozone has clearly moved to Germany, but France has always been the pivotal country in the European project, from the Treaty of Rome in 1957, to the Maastricht treaty in 1992, and the launch of the euro in 1998.

So it may well be France, not Germany, which holds the key to the future of the euro. If France stays the course and commits to sufficient fiscal rigor and pro-competitive policies, then the euro has a good chance of survival, in whatever bruised form.

Those Annoying Midges

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You knew they didn't belong to fishing folk, or the idle rich, bored with the abundance of other rich on Bermuda. Nor did the wealth come from any other legitimate Somali business, even if you took into account that no tax was paid in Somalia on any business, legitimate or illegitimate.

But that was it. You knew these vessels served only one purpose. A little like extremely annoying midges tha

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