Obama’s Kafkaesque logic for attacking Syria

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President Obama’s Syria policy is deeply flawed and could lead to grave consequences argues John Hulsman. The US foreign policy expert urges Obama to stop the madness before it is too late. More than any president since John Kennedy, Barack Obama prides himself on his dispassionate, skeptical, intellectual style. While others succumb to the catastrophic […]

Merkel’s political smokescreen

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Germany pulled out of a Cold War-era surveillance pact with the United States on Friday, a political smokescreen deployed by Chancellor Angela Merkel as she seeks to contain a domestic uproar over the NSA spying controversy ahead of elections there in September. Her government officials are telling the press on background that the treaty hadn’t […]

Grass Takes Aim at Israel Again

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In his new volume, entitled "Eintagsfliegen," Grass praises Israeli whistleblower Nordechai Vanunu for divulging nuclear secrets to Britain. Vanunu sold his knowledge of Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona, where he once worked, to a British newspaper in 1986.

Grass refers to Vanunu as a "role model and "hero of our time." The poem encourages Israelis to "recognize him as righteous, who remained loyal to his country all those years."

German Book Prize Announces Short List

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From Portugal to Cuba to the Maghreb region, the books nominated for this year's German Book Prize take us to all corners of the world.

Among them are stories of those who break away and those who return home. In addition to insightful family novels, experimental adventure stories also dominate the shortlist.

A jury of literary critics reviewed 162 recently published German-language novels and selected their favorite six. The big surprise this year is that not a single debut author is on the shortlist.

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