Skeleton Offers Clues To Human Heritage

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Scientists in New York have unveiled a skeleton found in Germany that they said could be the common ancestor to humans, apes and other primates.

The tiny creature, officially known as Darwinius masillae, but dubbed Ida, lived 47 million years ago and is unusually well preserved, missing only part of a leg, or five percent of the skeleton.

The Stem Cell Stall

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 Mice, those despised pests that cause palpitations when they appear in kitchens, may hold the key to healing if a heart attack ensues. Researchers are using human stem cells to repair heart damage in mice.

Water Out Of Thin Air

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 An inventor wants to put his "WaterMill" on your wall. He claims it will draw water from the air and make it safe to drink. Is this a practical appliance that can save a precious resource and make the world a better place? Wired magazine thinks so.

By Robert Metz

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