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11/10 Germany’s EU bill to rise by 16 percent post-Brexit: report

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Germany is being threatened with significantly higher contributions to the European Union’s budget when Britain completes its departure from the bloc in 2019. The Funke-Mediengruppe newspapers on Friday cited a report by the European Parliament, suggesting that the Berlin government would suddenly be on the hook for an extra €3.8 billion ($4.2 billion), a rise of […]

11/9 Syrians in Germany file war crime cases against Assad regime

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Syrian refugees in Germany backed by human rights groups said they had filed new criminal complaints accusing President Bashar al-Assad’s regime of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The 13 Syrian men and women named 17 suspects they considered “most responsible for Assad’s brutal policies of repression”, said non-profit legal organization the European Center for Constitutional […]

11/7 World War II bombs diffused in Potsdam and Berlin outskirts

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Some 10,000 people were forced to evacuate central Potsdam on Wednesday as authorities diffused a 250-kilogram (551 pounds) US aerial bomb from World War II. The bomb was found on Monday on the grounds of a Sparda Bank across from the city’s central station. Authorities cleared an 800-meter radius (roughly a half-mile radius) where the bomb […]

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