Friederike storm cleanup begins in Germany as trains resume

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Normality and order slowly returned to Germany on Friday after it was battered by winter storm “Friederike.”

At least eight people died across the country as winds up to 203 kilometers per hour (126 miles per hour) lashed western Europe on Thursday.

Regional and some long-distance trains resumed service on Friday after rail traffic was suspended across Germany. Many lines remained affected though with repairs required on at least 200 sections. Air traffic was largely back to normal after several airports suspended services.

Eight people in Germany, including two firefighters, were killed by falling trees, traffic accidents and other incidents caused by the storm. At least 12 people died across Europe.

The Bundeswehr (Federal Armed Forces) deployed tanks to help with rescue operations in Bad Salzungen after a volunteer firefighter was killed attempting to free a man from his vehicle.

A woman gave birth in her own car after road closures in Cologne halted her journey to the hospital and delayed emergency vehicles. Emergency workers guided the couple over the phone to deliver baby Anton.

Some major roads remained closed on Friday with wind gusts expected to continue in Germany’s coastal areas in the north and its mountainous regions through Friday.


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