12/9 This is how much quicker German trains will be starting Sunday 12/10

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Deutsche Bahn is implementing the largest timetable change it has had in decades, meaning that from Sunday onward, many long-distance trains will run on a different schedule and travel times will be reduced. The change is due to the opening of the new high-speed line between Berlin and Munich on Sunday which has affected the schedules of many connecting rail lines. “It will be the biggest improvement in the range of products on offer in the history of Deutsche Bahn,” the company said. Not only will the new Berlin-Munich line cut two hours off current journey times with trains traveling at speeds of up to 300 km/h, a ride between Erfurt and Munich will see a reduction in travel time of two hours and 15 minutes. Routes connecting Halle with Munich and Nuremberg with Berlin will also see travel times shortened by two hours. Rail travelers on the Nuremberg-Erfurt line will be able to travel one hour and 50 minutes faster. A new junction has been built in Erfurt; considerably more long-distance trains will travel through the Thuringian city. Meanwhile the Munich-Leipzig route will be one hour and 35 minutes quicker and one hour and 14 minutes in travel time will be shaved off the Munich-Dresden route.  

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