Further arrests in German armed forces terrorism scandal

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A 27-year-old Bundeswehr soldier identified as Maximilian T. was detained near the south-western German city of Kehl, according to German news magazine “Der Spiegel,” who first reported on the arrest.

“The accused is strongly suspected of planning a severe act of violence against the state out of a right-wing extremist conviction,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

The soldier is also believed to be an accomplice of the right-wing lieutenant Franco A., who was arrested at the end of April and had registered as a refugee to carry out xenophobic attacks. At the end of April, police also detained a student identified as Mathias F. in connection with the attack

Spiegel also reported that the Maximilian T. was stationed at the same Franco-German brigade in Illkirch with Franco A. and that he helped cover for the lieutenant as he maintained his false identity as a Syrian refugee.

Justice minister on ‘hit list’

Together, the three suspects allegedly planned to carry out an attack but make it look as though it had been the work of Islamist militants.

The trio also compiled a “hit list” of left-leaning politicians who favor immigration, including former German President Joachim Gauck and current Justice Minister Heiko Maas.

The case raised serious questions about the extent of right-wing sentiment within Germany’s armed forces as well as how Germany’s asylum procedures failed to detect that Franco A. was operating under a false identity as a Syrian refugee.


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