Police offer no proof of ‘Islamic State’ ties to Dortmund bus attack

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“The investigations have so far resulted in no proof that the suspect had taken part in the attack,” the authorities said in statement, adding that he was a member of a “foreign terrorist organization,” and that an arrest warrant was being sought on that ground.

He allegedly led a unit of 10 commandos who carried out kidnappings and executions.

The suspect, identified only as Abdul Beset A. due to German privacy laws, was set to appear in court later on Thursday. The judge must then decide whether or not to issue the warrant. Without it, prosecutors cannot hold him for longer than 24 hours.

On Tuesday evening, the bus carrying the Dortmund soccer team to a Champions League match with AS Monaco was targeted by three explosions left on the road near the vehicle’s path. Spanish defender Marc Bartra was injured by flying shards of glass and required surgery, but no one was killed in the attack.

Three explosions occured near Borussia Dortmund’s team bus on the way to their stadium for a Champions League match against AS Monaco.

Police have said that the explosives were placed on the street, in a location where the bus would have been forced to slow down. Some media reports have said that the bombs were made from homemade materials.

Ein Beamter des Landeskriminalamtes (LKA) untersucht am 12.04.2017, in der Nacht nach dem Vorfall, in Dortmund (Nordrhein-Westfalen) den Mannschaftsbus der Fußballmannschaft von Borussia Dortmund, bei dem es drei Explosionen gegeben hatte. Die Mannschaft war auf dem Weg zum Champions-League-Spiel gegen den AS Monaco. Der Dortmunder Spieler Bartra wurde durch die Explosionen verletzt. Das Spiel wurde abgesagt. Der Hintergrund der Explosionen war zunächst noch unklar. Foto: Marcel Kusch/dpa +++(c) dpa – Bildfunk+++

Authorities discovered two letters claiming responsibility for the attack. One, which was attributed to the far-left movement Antifa, was likely a fake, a spokeswoman for Germany’s federal prosecutor said.

The other, which said the attack was carried out “in the name of Allah, the merciful,” and blamed Chancellor Angela Merkel for “murdering Muslims,” in Syria, was being investigated by authorities.

A second suspect was also detained on Wednesday, but police later released him based on lack of evidence.

Dortmund went on to lose the rescheduled game to Monaco on Wednesday night, prompting angry coach Thomas Tuchel to blast Champions League organizer UEFA for not giving the team “a bit of time to deal with” the attempt on their lives. He said they had been treated “as if a beer can was thrown at the bus.”


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