Tesla driver ‘saves lives’ with amazing Autobahn rescue maneuver

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The man was driving his €70,000 Tesla north of Munich on Monday evening when he noticed a VW Passat swerving on the busy road in front of him, the fire services report.

Upon overtaking the vehicle, he saw that its 50-year-old driver was in serious trouble – clearly losing consciousness, he was no longer able to keep control of his vehicle.

This is when the Tesla driver decided to act.

After alerting the fire services to the situation, he drove in front of the VW and slowly applied pressure to his brakes, allowing the little car to crash into him from behind. Keeping his foot on the brake, he was able to bring both cars to a controlled stop.

According to the fire services, the man “showed incredible courage” and “saves lives” through his actions.

The Passat driver was suffering from “a serious illness” and had to be brought to a specialist clinic by the emergency services.

Did VW’s CEO know of emissions scam all along? Yes, says his boss It is unclear how much damage the Tesla suffered.

The incident is better PR for the electric car maker than a story from September 2016 when a Tesla drove into the back of a bus on the Autobahn while on autopilot.


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