Subway sex shocks (titillates?) Berlin commuters

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It was certainly not the wake-up that people on their way to work might have expected at 6.30am.

1410432106_ubahnsexOne passenger on the train filmed the couple on the platform with his phone as he boarded a train at Schönleinstraße station in the Kreuzberg area of the city.

Although the pair noticed that they were being recorded, they didn’t allow themselves to be distracted beyond raising a middle finger to the camera as the train doors closed.

Berlin transit authority BVG told the tabloid BILD they were aware of the incident but received no complaints,  and the Berlin police department said that charges could only be brought in such a case if someone felt disturbed by the couple’s display and reported it to the authorities.

But the couple certainly reached a broader audience than they planned, as the nine-second video has been viewed almost 200,000 times on the LiveLeak website.

The website published a short video which BILD said may have been taken by a bystander.

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