Designer Lagerfeld offers fashion advice to Angela Merkel

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1376214135_20090101-130811-99-01365_2749837_3_dpa_Pxgen_r_630xA“My understanding is that she doesn’t want advice,” the designer told the weekly Focus, where he nevertheless made fashion recommendations to the head of Germany’s government. For example, he remarked on the outfit Merkel wore during the recent visit to Berlin by US President Barack Obama. “The proportions were bad, like the cut. The pants were too long,” the designer, who lives in Paris, said. Lagerfeld insisted that he would not refuse to give advice to Merkel if she asked for it, but he added that apparently the chancellor “doesn’t have time” to come to Paris. “And when she comes to visit the French president, François Hollande, she is completely busy,” the designer said.

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