Call it Austro-German Family Anschluss

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Oh brother. At least these three grooms will be able to sympathize with mother-in-law problems – after they wed three sisters in Engerwitzdorf, Austria.

Big brother Simon Reichor, 26, was the first to take the plunge in 2005 after meeting Darja during a bible studies class in Germany. Then middle brother Manuel, 24, met and wed her sister Janna four years later. And two weeks ago little brother Lukas wed the third sister of the family, Joy.

After the service Darja said: "I'd always dreamed I'd find a man with two brothers who would marry me and my sisters and now it's come true." Simon who now has four children with Darja said: "It was love at first sight, after just two weeks we were a couple.

"We didn't do matchmaking for our brothers and sisters. They just fell in love. He added: "We have four daughters ourselves now, but I think it would be a bit of a challenge to find four brothers to marry them.

The boys' mum Michaea Reichor said: "I am so happy. At least I already know my in-laws."

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