German Singer Wins Eurovision Contest

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German singer Lena has overcome a continent to emerge victorious at Saturday evening's Eurovision Song Contest at the Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway.

Lena took the 2010 Eurovision title with her song Satellite, finishing with 246 points while Turkey finished in second place and Romania in third. Click HERE for YouTube clip

"I'm so happy and so thankful and so grateful and I never thought that we could do this," said Lena Meyer-Landrut, who just completed her high school exams.

It's the second Germany has won legendary song contest in its 55-year history after Nicole’s A Little Peace in 1982. Dark red lips trembling with emotion, the singer told the show's hosts she did not feel strong enough to lift her trophy.

"Thank you! This is so absolutely awesome and I feel like just, this is not real," she said, a German flag in her hands.

In a competition that has come to be dominated by eastern European countries who favor super-glamorized, American-style performers, Lena came across as a refreshingly unpretentious teenager plucked from the streets of Hannover.

Untrained, unprofessional, and conspicuously adolescent, Lena, who turned 19 last weekend, has been phenomenon in Germany since winning Our Star for Oslo in March.

Since then, Lena debuted with three singles in the top five of the music charts after being taking under the wing of German TV personality Stefan Raab.

She had been considered one of the favorites to win Eurovision and Germany will now host the show next year.

Organizers said more than 120 million viewers across 39 European countries, but also as far afield as Burma, Australia and New Zealand, tuned in to the contest, one of the world's most watched events.


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